I am a natural language and machine learning engineer, who is keen to work on all kinds of computational semantics: language modelling, machine translation, word sense disambiguation, sentiment analysis, and the like. I also have several years of professional experience in software development, devops, and teaching. My PhD research, which I will soon defend, is focused on automatically acquiring semantic descriptions of German verbs from corpus data. I like to spend my free time learning languages, cooking, skiing, and sailing.


  • Natural language processing

    I have graduated from a MSc in computational linguistics and am looking forward to finishing my and PhD on computational semantics soon.

  • Software development

    I have been a software developer, software architect and devops engineer for more than ten years.

  • Teaching

    I have six years of experience teaching undergraduate courses in linguistics.

Old website

Here you can find my old academic website, archived from the Humboldt University webserver.